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Portfolio Implementation and Use CE Content

CE Credit information for Portfolio Implementation and Use content packs

ETFs can be implemented both strategically and tactically into portfolios. Learn how to implement ETFs into a portfolio and what investors should consider.

Below is a list of all CE credits currently available. You can earn continuing education (CE) credits by completing the content pack, taking the associated quiz and receiving a score of 70% or higher on the quiz.

CE Content Quiz CFP CIMA Completed
Constructing Portfolios with ETFs and Understanding Their Risks

Learn how to incorporate ETFs into a portfolio and how ETFs can help in potentially managing portfolio risk during various market cycles and conditions.

10 Questions 1.5 1.5 -
Getting Smart About Beta

This is based on a research study that focused on defining smart beta, looking at how smart beta strategies (per the S&P 500 and MSCI EAFE proxies) have outperformed during different market environments and looking at how different smart beta investment styles and various smart beta alternative weighting methodologies have returned a better risk adjusted return. 

10 Questions 1 1 -
Harnessing the Power of Factor Investing & Systematic Rebalancing

Examine factors, their characteristics and how they can apply to portfolios. Find out how objective and disciplined methodologies may help investors position portfolios regardless of market sentiment.

10 Questions 1 1 -
Tracking Error and Commodities as an Asset Class
What is tracking error and how does it impact portfolio performance?  Develop a better understanding of tracking error and other performance differences.  Investors have discovered the benefits of owning commodities.  Discover how ETF providers have made investing in the world’s natural resources easier than ever. 10 Questions 1.5 1.5 -
Additional Content (not for CE Credit)
Income strategies for a low-yield environment in an ETF structure.
White paper on the active/passive debate
Learn about the structural characteristics of ETFs
Are ETFs affecting stock valuations?
Index construction with factors and portfolio implementation

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